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Below find links and descriptions of the sites we host.

button 1 Phil's Photo Site - A new gallery (Nov. 08) of photographs throughout mid-Wales, the Wye Valley, Mynydd Eppynt.

button 1 Sid rambling on Builth Wells - A look at Builth Wells and the area, with particular attention to the Churches of the Wye and Irfon valleys. Loads of photographs on the churches

button 1 Sid's Technical Bits - Sid rambling on about internet security with links to software

button 1 Builth Wells - This site concentrates on Builth Wells, its history, the castle, and its association with Prince Llywelyn

button 1 Roysrides - Roy Bevis' site for MTB rides in mid-Wales, the Mojo Suspension XC Race Team, and a growing gallery of MTB photos from events in Wales and England

The sites covering Builth Wells have taken over five years to produce - not perhaps from the detail or amount of content, more through it being an idea that has grown and altered and will probably still continue to do so.